Dhampur Green Organic Honey 250gm

Dhampur Green Organic Honey 250gm


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Dhampur Green Certified Organic products are organically grown/ processed in a natural way without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic substances. By offering customers with premium organic foods, sourced directly farmers, processed under strictly controlled conditions, we ensure product quality & spread healthy organic practices. A natural sweetener and sugar alternative. 100% Certified Pure Organic Raw Honey. This honey has Wholesome Benefits as a Functional Food. It is Unpasteurized, Fresh Raw State, Dhampur Green honey is a superior, energy packed (intense crystallization) honey with the highest possible levels of live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healing agents as a functional food. Only truly raw state honey that has never been processed will crystallize with intensity and has full beneficial properties nature intended. Pure, Natural, Healthy, Safe, Harvested with Extreme Care.

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