Zindagi FosStevia Liquid – Sugarfree Stevia Drops – Stevia Liquid

Zindagi FosStevia Liquid – Sugarfree Stevia Drops – Stevia Liquid



Zindagi FosStevia Liquid – Sugarfree Stevia Drops – Stevia Liquid

Product Description 1. Zindagi Fosstevia (Fos+Stevia) is your natural and healthful substitute to sugar loaded with the goodness of prebiotics and dietary fiber brought to you through Stevia plant extract and FOS (Fructooligosaccharides). 2. FOS occurs naturally in nature. It is a prebiotic dietary fiber found in several fruits and vegetables and produced through natural and safe processes. 3. STEVIA is a plant native to south America.The natural sweetener derived from the sweet leaf plant has no calorie, fat & carbs and is used as a sweet herb or sugar substitute from decades.


1. Fosstevia (stevia liquid) is very good for diabetics, obese, high BP and hypertension people because of it contains zero calories, zero sugar, zero fat. 2. This natural stevia liquid extract is the best substitute for cane sugar. 3. Fosstevia is very good in test easy to cook and bake .its taste is better than stevia dry leaves, stevia powder, stevia sachets and stevia tables. 4. Zindagi Stevia sugar-free is safe for kids and pregnant women also.


Fosstevia can be used as a natural sugar substitute in all hot or cold beverages. One drop of Stevia liquid sweetener will give you delicious sweetness equivalent to 1 tsp of sugar.

Why Fosstevia Team Zindagi is committed to serving you with the healthiest herbal sweetener with a great taste. Stevia sugar is good for diabetics, obese and all health concussions people. Stevia sweetener is safe and is approved by US FDA and FSSAI. It is heat stable and can be cooked or baked.

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